Join us in an incredible experience that showcases BC’s beauty from above!

Opening for summer 2023 on June 10th!  Call Hugo at  +1 250 439 9446 to get your bird’s eye view!
Mostly things will be back to normal, but some covid precautions will still be there.
Tandem flying is a close proximity sport. We will maintain distance for as much of the experience as possible.
You are welcome to bring your own camera! You may want to have a cord or string attached to your wrist so you don’t accidentally drop it 😉
The price is $290.00 CDN per person. If you are a single person and we can’t book any other person for the same time, then it is $310.00
You will be asked to sign a waiver.
Maximum weight is 200 lbs.
We are looking forward to sharing the fantastic experience of the beauty of flight and an amazing bird’s eye view of the Columbia Valley with you!